Our Specialisms

Rowden specialises in the orchestration of secure and high integrity networked systems which enable distributed computing at the edge. We build our approach around the specific information needs of the end user, and our designs consistently exploit the latest developments in advanced technologies, with an emphasis on ML-ready, open modular solutions.




Our cloud-agnostic approach leverages infrastructure-as-code to enable rapid deployment of cloud resources, while our commitment to DevSecOps ensures security is integrated throughout the development lifecycle. This allows us to deliver cloud services at the speed required to meet the ever-evolving needs of government missions.




We build specialist software solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers, delivering bespoke applications for niche use cases or creating middleware that streamlines the integration of disparate systems and applications. We leverage modern software development practices to hide complexity from end users and deliver optimised, scalable, and reliable solutions at the edge.




We design and build network systems where the principles of modularity and extensibility are central to the design. We deliver systems that provide government organisations with the flexibility and extensibility required to succeed, mitigating obsolescence and ‘lock in’ risk by enabling them to easily evolve as technology and requirements change.


<Sensor Processing>

Sensor Processing

We develop tools to automate the analysis of sensor data at the edge, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to limit human intervention in routine analysis. Our software is designed to deliver real-time processing and analysis of sensor data in the most challenging, constrained networking environments.

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