To create the best possible technology for frontline operators.


We’re upending the conventions of government technology provision and bringing a leaner, more transparent, and lower-friction approach that reduces waste and places outcome over process. We believe every possible measure should be taken to provide frontline operators in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world with the technology they need to help keep themselves and others safe.

Our mission

We offer fast and flexible solutions to the technical challenges of public sector organisations.


We are specialists in software-centric systems, with deep expertise in developing capabilities for constrained networking environments or with challenging cyber security requirements. But the Rowden difference is as much cultural as it is technical: ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’ are equally important. We are specifically organised to create and sustain pace, reduce waste and inefficiency, and drive better outcomes. You’ll see and feel that energy and intent all over our business.


What matters to us



Our focus is on the end user.

We exist to deliver the best possible outcomes for the users of our systems.



Pace matters.

The problems we solve are urgent.



Our diverse skills and backgrounds make us better.

Our team prides itself on being inclusive and multidisciplinary.



We are radically honest.

Saying what we mean, even when it isn’t easy.


We are pragmatists.

We provide realistic, focused solutions that get to the point.


We improve continuously.

We are relentless in our drive to make things better.


Make a difference with Rowden.

If you’re ready to help us challenge the status quo in government tech provision, with diverse work that truly matters, we’d like to meet you.