To establish a new force in GovTech.


Through our unwavering mission focus, commitment to modularity, and software-first approach, we believe we can deliver the next generation of digital technologies to frontline operators, supported by a broad ecosystem of product and service partners.  This means bringing a leaner, more transparent, and collaborative approach to networked systems design and development that places outcome over process and focuses firmly on future production and scalability.

Our mission

To create the best possible technology for frontline operators.


Frontline operators increasingly rely on complex systems incorporating software, cloud, data models, and networks to meet evolving mission demands. Rowden builds the critical enabling technologies that quietly facilitate genuine 'digital transformation’ for frontline operators, guiding the public sector from experimentation in software and AI to seamlessly repeatable, scalable systems at the edge. We are specifically organised to keep pace with emerging technology and evolving user priorities, which are shifting from hardware-first to software-first.


What matters to us



Our focus is on the end user.

We exist to deliver the best possible outcomes for the users of our systems.



Pace matters.

The problems we solve are urgent.



Our diverse skills and backgrounds make us better.

Our team prides itself on being inclusive and multidisciplinary.



We are radically honest.

Saying what we mean, even when it isn’t easy.


We are pragmatists.

We provide realistic, focused solutions that get to the point.


We improve continuously.

We are relentless in our drive to make things better.


Make a difference with Rowden.

Be part of a dynamic team of specialists who are leveraging advances in networking and distributed compute to deliver some of the most exciting digital programmes in the UK.